Sierra Club Peaks in the Santa Ana Mountains

This is a meta page that links to each Sierra Club peak listed in either the Hundred Peaks List or the Lower Peaks List. In all, there are 13 peaks to be climbed. Only Santiago and Modjeska, collectively known as Saddleback, are over 5000'. The Santa Ana Mountains are the closest to me, so it was natural that I completed them first. I also think they are under appreciated, offering waterfalls, canyons, boulders, streams, dinosaurs (plastic) and a well hidden mesa.

Cleveland National Forest Road Status and Alerts

Sierra Club Hundred Peaks List

Santiago and Modjeska via Telephone Ridge (Favorite!)
  or Santiago Peak via Holy Jim Trail
Modjeska Peak
  or Modjeska from Maple Springs Visitor Center
  or Modjeska via HPS route 4

Sierra Club Lower Peaks List

Sierra Peak
  or Sierra Peak via Skyline Drive
Pleasants Peak
Bedford Peak
  or Bedford Peak via Postal Ridge
Bald Peak
Trabuco Peak via Main Divide Road
  or Trabuco Peak via West Horsethief Trail
Los Pinos Peak
  or Los Pinos via Bell Ridge
  or Los Pinos via Los Pinos Ridge
San Mateo Peak
Margarita Peak
Sugarloaf Peak
  or Sugarloaf (class 5 summit block)
Old Sugarloaf Peak
  or Old Sugarloaf Peak via San Juan South
Sitton Peak

Bonus Adventures in the Santa Ana Mountains

Beek's Place
Black BM
Black Star Canyon East Fork
Black Star Canyon Falls
Bluewater Crown
Bluewater Canyon
Bluewater Canyon Reloaded
Bluewater Traverse
Chiquito Falls
Elsinore Peak (Drive up)
Falls Canyon Falls
Fisherman's Camp
Flores Peak
Hagador Peak, Mine 2 BM, Hagador Canyon
Harding Canyon Falls
Hard-Silver Summit (Peak 3720)
Horsethief Peak via East Horsethief Trail
Juan Rancho SM
Margarita Lookout
Ortega Falls
Peak 2040
Peak 2220
Peak 2301
Peak 2600
Peak 2616
Peak 3011
Peak 3480 and Peak 3412
Peak 3840
San Mateo Canyon
San Juan Loop
Santiago Scar and Wart
Stag BM
Star BM
Tanriverdi Falls (Dangerous!)
Tenaja Falls
Tin Mine Canyon
Unintended Peak
Vulture Crags and Peak 2400
Yaeger Mesa and Horsethief Peak

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