Monday, May 23, 2016

Peak 2301

Hiked: 5/22/2016
Distance: 1.8 miles round trip on use trail
Summit Elevation: 2301'
Prominence: 361'
Elevation Gain: 1115'
Elevation Gain (in Empire State Buildings): 0.89
Round trip time: 1 hour 5 minutes
Recommended water: 16 oz.
Parking/Fees: Free on Silverado Canyon Road
Difficulty: Easy

Peak 2301 is in the Santa Anas on the north side of Silverado Canyon. To get there, head up Silverado Canyon Road and park in a dirt lot on the north side just before the post office, across the street from the Silverado Canyon Market. The vague use trail starts behind the telephone pole.

Because this hike is so short, I went without a pack or phone. I drank one bottle of water to hydrate, then started up. The trail is steep in places with patches of loose dirt. I slid backward a few times near the start. There was some light brush intruding on the trail and some yucca. Once you are a few hundred feet above the road, nice views open up 270 degrees to the south. Not far up the ridge are three white wooden crosses. A little higher up, across a small gully was a rusted car wreck. I was curious, but not enough to thrash over to it. Not far above that is a sign that marks the start of the Cleveland National Forest. It is not clear who owns the land between the marker and the road. At the summit is a register in a rusted box filled with loose notes. The oldest one I could read was from 2005. I found recent entries from Brad Stemm and Terry Flood. I was lucky to find a blank strip of paper to add my signature. The next time I visit, I'll bring a small book to add. On the north side, a clear firebreak drops to a saddle then ascends to peak 3011. I was very tempted to continue, but 3011 is currently in the Silverado Fire closure area. The south slopes were covered in crispy, charred brush. Looking at the topo, the firebreak could be followed over peak 3391 and peak 3423 all the way to the Silverado Trail and Bedford Peak once the area opens again. That will be a fun ridge traverse. I am looking forward to coming back.

Start behind the pole

Wooden crosses

Wrecked car, probably driven up Sunstag Run Road before it was overgrown

Peak 2301

Register box

Peak 3011 further up the ridge

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