Saturday, October 3, 2015

Mica Benchmark

Hiked: 10/2/2015
Distance: 0.3 miles round trip cross country
Summit Elevation: 4292'
Elevation Gain: 100'
Elevation Gain (in Empire State Buildings): 0.08
Round trip time: 15 minutes
Recommended water: 0 oz.
Parking/Fees: Free at turnout on Chihuahua Valley Road
Difficulty: Easy

Mica Benchmark sits just north of Chihuahua Valley Road about three miles east of Highway 79. It is on the way to the Combs Peak trailhead. Moo and I stopped at the turnout and made the 15 minute round trip with no gear except a GPS and camera. There are a few boulders near the top, but the US Army Corps of Engineers benchmark itself is on the ground. Not far away is another benchmark placed by the San Diego County Engineering Department. Mica Benchmark was like a shiny penny on the sidewalk. You know it isn't worth much, but it's right there, so we bothered to pick up.

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